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I am in a big mess

I was working with another party who approached me to help sell her husbands bikes as she didn’t have an eBay or paypal account and they moved to England two weeks ago and had no accounts and that her husbands bank account would be opened on Monday (2/12/2013) I agreed as she said she would provide payment to my eBay listing fees (which she did not in the end) and she would allow me to keep 10% for letting her use my account. When the first bike was sold she confirmed the bike had been shipped so she provided me with a tracking number (which I later found out was not correct because I contacted ups and it’s status was New York and she claimed to live in Monmouth, Wales) which I sent to the buyer and then sent her money to her husbands bosses account, she said her husbands boss would let her use the account. I have the name, account and sort code she provided me with. I did the same for the second bike as I thought it was going to be okay, sent the money but this time she did not provide me with the tracking number and when I e-mailed her she did not respond that’s when I reached out to the buyer and told him what was going on. The buyer also e-mailed her and she did not respond. I do take responsibility as I should have not done this but I don’t know what to do as she will not respond my e-mails and I contacted people at the address she gave me (her address) they said no one of that name lives there. I am a student and therefore don’t have much money that’s why I agreed to work with her in the first place. I have proof of all the e-mails she sent me and I also have bank statement proof that I transferred the money to her.

(3/12/2013) I made a fake yahoo account as a different person and she responded telling the same story about moving to England(I also have proof of this! so I can see it’s a scam she is using on people who are unlucky to fall for it (like myself) She really seemed genuine and desperate so I thought I would be able to help her and I thought I could trust her but clearly not.

Obviosuly the buyers want their money and I do not have this money as the reason I signed up for this was to make a little bit of money even if it was 10%…. what can I do? my paypal is negative balance and I owe ebay in listing fees!!!!(£178) I need advice and help please please. Im so heart broken about this because I honestly did this to help and I didnt have any bad intentions now I’m the one stuck with. PLEASE anyone help me

Posted: December 10, 2013 at 8:05 pm

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