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One big problem with two separate accounts

Here’s my current problem. I had a ebay account which I do owe about $450 to but they say its $600. I don’t care what it is I’m just going to pay it even though they are wrong on the price. My mom opened a ebay account under her name. I have 100% positive feedback 95 positive feedback 0 neutral 0 negative. Account is about 6 months old. When you open a account you get a standard 10 items or $500 which ever comes first for selling. I did that for a few months then called them & had it increased to 50 items or $1,500 which ever comes first. I actually sold $1,895.95 because I listed them as auctions starting at $1 so it went over. The final value fees where about $500-$600 which I paid EARLY so I didn’t get hit with such a big fee all at once. So every time I saw it go to $150-$200 I just paid it. Which is the best thing to do so you don’t get slammed with a 3rd of the money you make at the end of the month not to mention the paypal fees just to accept the money your
owed. I think on my $40 items I got $33 of it about when paypal/ebay are done with raping me with no lube. Plus then you have to pay Shipping & Handling & Packaging Materials like box bubble envelope, tape, stamps, labels ect. Soo. this account once again is not under my name. Its under my moms name. Also I said I have 100% positive feedback 95 positive 0 negative & 0 neutral. They even increased my limit from 10 itmes to 50 items & $500 to $1,500 & they sent me a AWARD FOR DOING SO GOOD! & they are getting paid a shit load of money about $600 a month from me & This account has been opened for about 6 months with no problem… So I called ebay & asked them to incress the limit again. They said they could not do this because “I” “OWE MONEY” ON “MY” ACCOUNT. But I said Why should my moms account be punished for “ME OWING MONEY”? They said we have the same IP Address & same Shipping address. I said but we are two different people but they do not care. Non the less we have had the convo before many times and nothing has ever happened & they knew what was going on. They told me like usuall, The limit will go back to 50 items & $1,500 like it does on the first of every month. But when I loged into my paypal account on January 1st, 2013 they have FROZE MY “SELLING” ACCOUNT. I CAN ONLY BUY. My business is on ebay. I do not have a store front so I couldn’t buy anything even if I wanted to because I have no money. I called ebay & explained how ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS THIS ACCOUNT HAS BEEN FOR THE LAST 6 MONTHS SINCE I OPENED IT & How this account is not under my name & they should not freeze this account for my doing. Non the less I know how that convo is going to go because i have had it with them over & over & over again even with supervisor’s “FROM INDIA” I might add. So I told them I will pay it & for them to give me a 30 day leeway so I have the means to pay. I told them they must turn this account back on or I simply can not pay you. Look at how much money I made last month. Look at how much money you guy took from me last month. Look how fast I pay every month early. I pay 4-5 times a month because If I don’t I will get slammed & then will not have the money to pay because the fees ARE VERY HIGH & THERE ARE SO MANY DIFFRENT TYPES OF HIDDEN FEES. I will pay you & you can even set it up where you can just take 50% of each sale automatically I don’t care or I will just pay you in 30 days. Either way you have to give me 30 days with an active account. And I don’t see why you would even turn this account off when you are making ALLOT of money off of this account with a impeccable feedback score and Payment to ebay activity. But they will not give me any leeway and gave me there collection agency phone number. I keep saying “HELLLLLLOOOO I CAN NOT PAY UNLESS YOU LET ME SELL” “EARTH TO FUCKIN INDIA EARTH TO FUCKING RAPE ME IN THE ASS EBAY, HELLLO DO YOU HEAR ME!!!!” I GUESS NOT!

Posted: January 10, 2013 at 7:07 pm

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One thought on “One big problem with two separate accounts
  1. paul on

    If you use the same IP address for 2 separate accounts paypal will find out and limit your accounts. No way around that.
    I am in the process of closing my pp account cuz for being “free” (no monthly fee) they sure cost a lot