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PayPal Sucks

By John

Man, paypal is the biggest $^%#&%$ scam I’ve ever seen.

After selling 1100 $ worth of gear on ebay, I had all the $$$ in my paypal account. They made my account ‘limited’ and said that it was related to another account with ‘suspicious activity.’ So, I have to refund all those poor people their money and I cant get my bucks or use paypal ever again, even after I confirme3d my location, identity, and credit card and bank
account info. They said that in order to have the funds released, I would have to prove shipping for all of the items. But, honestly, do you think I am going to ship out items that are worth over $1100 and quite possibly find out 2 weeks later that paypal has decided not to remove the limitation? NO WAY!

Never use paypal, they are a bunch of know nothing scamming twits.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 6:42 am

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