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Bilked out of $29.97 by Pay Pal’s Bill Me Later

On 4/5/14 PayPal’s Bill Me Later said that I made an online purchase renewing software for RegCurePro. That “purchase’ it turns out was an automatic renewal which I did not authorize. I had already manually renewed the software a day before, had it charged to my VISA and paid for it when I received my VISA bill. I contacted PayPal several times and also contacted Bill Me Later at least 3 times. They insisted that I owed the $29.97 so I filed a dispute through both PayPal and Bill Me Later.

Several weeks went by and I received an email saying that my dispute was declined and that I owed the $29.97. Rather than have late fees or interest and possibly my credit rating effected I elected to send Bill Me Later a check for $29.97 which after over a week was eventually credited to my account. Today I received a letter from Bill Me Later saying that the disputed transaction was was removed from my account but may be put back on my account if the Merchant declines the reversal of the charge. Obviously the eventually ruled in my favor but I doubt that a refund of my $29.97 will ever be issued. What a heck of a way to do business. If I do not get a refund, does Bill Me Later just keep the $29.97?

Posted: June 26, 2014 at 6:33 pm

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