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Billpoint Was Replaced

By Fred Hackett is a product of eBay.  is free to the buyer and works internationally.  It is backed by Wells Fargo, a FDIC insured bank. (CAUTION:  Ebay is buying Paypal, so we don’t know where the quality of service is heading).

This part is wrong as after buying paypal, this excellent service was closed down as of jan of this year and ebay now pushes paypal.

I had a problem with paypal when an auction seller would no longer accept paypal payments.This was before ebay bought them out. Now I know why. So after I cancalled the transaction, they told me I owed them $12.95 because they are stuipd and unable to process payments using their system that it wacked. I sent the $12.95 in and now my account is locked but it looks like a good thing to me as I have no problems with yahoopaydirect and use them all of the time along with western union service. Calling paypal is a nightmear, the first rep acted slow and transfered me to security or the resoultion department and the lady was rude and hang up on me. The second lady was nicer but not of much help. She told me to email them later if I wanted to reinstate my account. I think I won’t because I can’t afford to be locked out of my account for long period of time with no reason. Of course this is after you go digging for the phone number which is hidden on the web site.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 10:54 am

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