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Boycott PayPal and eBay

By Alan

PayPal (an E-Bay subsidiary) is a RipOff business and does business with thief’s, crooks, fraudulent sellers, mobsters and probably does business with terrorists as well.  PayPal accepts credit card services for sellers that commit fraud and don’t send you your merchandise.

On November 15, 2004 I bought a HP Compaq NX9010 P4 3.06 GHz Laptop computer on Yahoo Auctions.  I paid $650.00 for the laptop on my Bank of America debit card.  I received confirmation that the seller named (Aka Christine Young or William Yong) had received my payment through PayPal (credit card services) merchant services.

So, the next day I wrote the seller back and asked for a shipping tracking number for the shipment of the laptop computer.  The seller replied back to my e-mail, he or she stated that they had already sent the merchandise and forgot to get a tracking number.

I replied to the e-mail and said thanks of course for getting the merchandise out quickly.  I waited 10 days for the laptop computer to arrive by UPS and it doesn’t show up, so I decide to contact the seller.  I e-mailed the seller and ask if she or he sent the package.  The seller replied that it should already be there and the seller asked me to wait a couple more days, since it was Thanksgiving weekend.  I waited until Monday night and the laptop still had not shown up, I then decided to call UPS to see if they could track the package by name.  UPS stated that they had no package being sent to me by that seller’s name.

I e-mailed the seller to let them know that I still had not received the laptop and that I contacted UPS.  I told the seller that UPS stated to me that there were no packages in the system being scheduled for delivery to me with sellers name on it.  The seller wrote me back stating that he would contact UPS in the morning to find out what was going on. After this
e-mail, I receive no e-mails from the seller, he or she stop responding to my attempt s to e-mail him or her.

I contacted PayPal and my bank to resolve this case of fraud.  I had my bank do a charge back on the bad transaction, since I paid for it on my debit card which carries buyer protection plan.  PayPal wrote me back stating that they were going to investigate the incident.  PayPal also claims to have buyer protection on there website as well.  So, another few days pass, my bank does the charge back and refunds the money on December 3, 2004.

On December 13, 2004 PayPal does a debit transaction to my account and takes the money back.  I contacted PayPal and they don’t want to give my money back and claim to have done nothing wrong by allowing a verified fraudulent seller to steel my money.

This money I paid out for this laptop computer was for my college studies. It is government money that I borrowing so I can get a degree at a local University that I attend.  The money was earmarked for a laptop that I need for school.  PayPal responded that could not get the money back from the seller so I must take the loss.  My bank still has done nothing to retrieve the money and PayPal has refused to answer my banks inquiries.

I e-mailed PayPal and told them that PayPal needs to provide disclosures to the buyers on the front page of all auction sites that uses there services that will not be responsible for fraudulent transactions or unsatisfactory merchandise not sent or sent by the seller when using PayPal services.

PayPal has refused.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 7:25 am

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One thought on “Boycott PayPal and eBay
  1. Paul Gravel on

    How could a fraudulent declared thief , eBay’s friend could have 99% good feedback after not delivering paid goods ?
    Contact eBay ? They will say …well because you paid with PayPal you should contact them for refund.
    Contacting PayPal, ? Well the complaining date is passed
    You should have Bla Bla Bla Bla.
    Well what about I received the item from your thief friend exactly a month after I paid ?
    What a bunch of suckers PayPaleBay