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Buyer changed his mind and PayPal demand I refund him

I sold a computer on eBay in hard times and ill health to pay rent: everything was documented, pics detailed, and sold as-is, no refunds: Paypal froze the 400 dollar payment in account and I had put in the terms of sale that if this happened I would not send the item until the funds were released, because I had heard of people taking advantage of PayPal freezing funds to dispute and obtain refunds, and therefore expensive items for free: guess what happened? I had even confirmed the buyer read and understood! The buyer contacted me a week after sale saying he wanted to change his mind and had bought another computer, and tried to dupe Paypal, to which I gave all correspondence and links to the eBay page with terms: e.g. they honored the ‘no shipping until funds received’. I beat about three claims until he actually received the computer and ‘claim item not as described’: despite having proved repeatedly that he was a liar and fraud and had no integrity (which Paypal assented to), and having his communications about merely wanting to change his mind, they decided to refund, demanding I return the money: I had withdrawn it, and blocked their access to my account at the bank.

Posted: May 31, 2012 at 4:53 pm

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3 thoughts on “Buyer changed his mind and PayPal demand I refund him
  1. Jake N on

    Paypal just sucks. Specially if you are a seller but I have been screwed as a buyer as well. And ebay is no help either. And never ever waste your time by calling and trying to help them solve your problem because that will just pile on the aggravation. Things like this would never happen with a merchant account because there are rules and regulations in the banking industry that needs to be followed but some how paypal gets around it and therefor has a free for all with their users.

  2. Caleb on

    Smart move!!!! They would have taken thay money right out of your bank account because that is what they do. then you would have been out the money and the product. For once someone got one over on paypal!!!

  3. Landon on

    Paypal is just horrible. They don’t do much for the seller or for the buyer. They just protect themselves. You made the right choice by not giving them any of you information so they couldn’t steal from you like they do to so many other people