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Buyer dismantled product and then requested refund

Through no fault of my own, my item has been irreparably damaged by the buyer, leaving me with significant liquidated damages. The buyer, by his own admission, dismantled the vintage microphone after he received it, to inspect it internally. He sent me the photos attesting to the fact that he tampered with the item, and then promptly deleted said photos from his account when I stated that I would not accept it back because it is no longer in its original state. I have spoken, at length, with five of Paypal’s representatives, and each one tells me something different. Their rhetoric casts PayPal in a poor light. When I inquired about how to contact Paypal’s legal counsel, the double-talk continued. They would not provide me with a valid name, address or phone number. Two weeks ago, a paypal rep reassured me that this matter was settled and that I would see a refund by Monday (48 Hrs). Obviously, he mislead me, and, not only did I NOT receive a refund, but I was informed that the matter was resolved in favor of the buyer! The judgment for the buyer violates paypal’s own policy, which clearly states that once an item has been tampered with, the deal is no longer valid. The integrity of the quality of my microphone has been compromised, and I will no longer accept it back. My rights have been violated and I intend to pursue this further until the matter is resolved to my satisfaction.

Posted: October 15, 2013 at 6:07 pm

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