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Buyer got double refund; one from eBay and one from PayPal

Tried to use the Ebay global shipping program for the first time and sold a printer. Buyer agreed to a price with shipping but only paid a portion of the total. Ebay would not let me ship because payment was incomplete. Buyer got mad at me for not shipping but Ebay never let me have the address. Spent days on the phone trying to resolve and tried to be a good seller by keeping the buyer updated on the situation. Buyer refused to correct the payment and I ultimately opened a case in Ebay for non-payment since that was the only way to cancel this problematic order. I won the case and the order was cancelled and the buyer refunded. Then the buyer then opened a second case in Paypal to get his/her money back twice. Paypal automatically sided with the buyer and ignored any proof I sent them about the already settled case in Ebay. Paypal stole money out of my account to give to the buyer who I am convinced did all this on purpose to get double their money back. It was a trick from the beginning and Paypal fell for it. This scam artist got away scott free and I have a negative account balance which I refuse to pay because I should not have to. I was in the right and I wasted a ton of my time. I do NOT owe them anything but Paypal has sent the balance they stole to multiple collection agencies.

Posted: October 27, 2015 at 7:55 pm

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