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Buyer filed a bogus claim and won

I recently sold a used coach scarf on eBay and the seller filed a false claim stating the scarf was significantly damaged with holes through out it,which was a blatant lie. This scarf was in excellent used condition and 12 clear pics were provided by me,also I am an avid seller and buyer with over 370+ buys and sells on ebay within the past 2 years with a feedback score of 100% with no complaints or reports until this lie by the buyer. The seller actually won the claim for 39.90.I provided many pics of the scarf that I posted with the actual listing.All the pics were very clear and showed the Coach scarf on excellent condition with no holes through out it like the seller claims.I think this is so unfair what has been done to me! I am so very outraged by this injustice. This buyer never even contacted me first about the scarf,she just went ahead a filed a bogus claim first.I couldn’t understand this.I just only hope I get my scarf back in the same condition or get it back at all.This person sounds like a scam artist. What do I do if a different scarf is sent back to me or nothing at all is in the envelope with tracking. This is what I am afraid of. I just knew I was going to win. I provided everything they wanted and was still screwed by eBay and Paypal. Thinking about closing my accounts with them because of this BS. The buyer only had a feedback score of 14 to top it off! Unbelievable!!

Posted: January 18, 2013 at 5:04 pm

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One thought on “Buyer filed a bogus claim and won
  1. Frida on

    Even if you had won the dispute the buyer would have most likelt filed a charge back and gotten their money back that way. Paypal is not for sellers and if they don’t change soon there will just be a bunch of scamming buyers with no sellers to rip off.