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Buyer Fraud In UK

By Adam

I read with interest one of the stories about a US PayPal user that sent an item from the US to the UK and was frauded by the buyer when PayPal refunded the buyer after he claimed non-receipt of goods and that a warning in his story was not to send goods from the US to the UK because of not being covered by the Seller Protection Policy.

Well I am (rather was) a PayPal user in the UK and the same happened to me within my own country! A buyer won my auction and left me waiting 7 days for payment (despite a reminder). Suddenly a PayPal payment was made (ironically with an apology for the delay) and I notified him that I would post his item the following day. Here in the UK, our Post Office allows you to obtain a certificate of posting which covers items up to £28 for loss or damage, and this is something I always obtain for proof of postage and free insurance (tried, tested, and it works). Thought no more of it until a further 7 days when I had a non-receipt claim posted on my PayPal account to resolve. I saw red of course
because in the UK, people know that if something is lost in the post that things can always be sorted amicably with the Royal Mail.

Anyhow, PayPal specified that the proof of posting could only be a Recorded Delivery item with a tracking number (this is something the Post Office offer for an additional 65 pence but offers no extra insurance. A signature is obtained for receipt of item, but the addressee does not have to sign making this pretty useless in my opinion). So anyway, I scanned in my certificate of posting and sent to PayPal as my proof of posting, responding within 24 hours of their open case. I contacted the buyer to put him straight too with a copy of the scanned image (no response from him of course). I have a 100% rating on eBay with 350 satisfied customers (not that this counts for anything with PayPal), yet this buyer accused me of being a conman and ignoring all his emails (what emails?).

Despite working with PayPal to convince them of my honesty, this week, I get a notification from them to say they have awarded the claim to the buyer and that the case was settled amicably and is now closed. Amicably???!!!

After several further emails to PayPal informing them of my disgust (using polite language too!), I was responded with a sarchastic email and other standard replies but no action. I then asked them to downgrade my account to a Personal (buyers only) account – this they ignored. Finally, I told them that I cannot support a company that defends petty criminals.

After my final warning to them and getting nowhere, I closed my account today. Just shows their loyalty to the sellers that pay their fees. They just want to sweeten and defend their buyers no matter what the cost. I know it’s no loss to them to lose me, but I hope I’m doing my bit to hit back because if enough people get ripped off by them and follow my example, mighty shall they fall!

The moral of this story is find a PayPal alternative, but don’t become prejudiced towards us UK buyers. I have bought several items from my US eBay “friends” and the majority of us UK eBayers are friendly and honest people. Sadly, the minority (as always) spoil it for the rest. I guess I’ve had about 1.5% bad guys in all my dealings with eBayers across the world.

Thanks for reading this.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 1:51 pm

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