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Buyer Fraud Protection

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I am a seller on ebay. I sold an item and shipped it with insurance to the buyer. About a month and a half after the transaction was over, the buyer contacted palpal about not receiving the item. Palpal sent me a notice, and without my consent, did a reversal on my account, plus they charged me and an extra ten dollars for other fees. I e-mailed paypal about the problem and told them that I have proof of shipment with insurance. Paypal did not responded or thoroughly investigated on the problem. They just took the money out. I don’t think they even cared. I then faxed my proof of shipment with insurance and asked them to re-investigate. They just sent me an e-mail notifying me that they cannot help me out with the problem. What kind of service is this? I am still dissapointed with them about the problem.  They created it and did not resolve the problem.  Paypal really sucks!

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 11:29 am

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