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Buyer pretended to not understand English and then scammed me

Sold an item to Germany and sent invoice for £43.20. The buyer ( after several emails explain the cost inc postage said she didn’t understand English and sent me £93.20. I immediately refunded her £51.90. Three weeks later she opened a claim against me for £93.20 saying that she hadn’t received the plant which I sent for 2 day delivery. I explained to Paypal that I had already refunded her £51.90 but true to paypal they withdrew £93,20 from my a/c and sent it to the buyer. The buyer refuses to contact me about this and is now selling on UK ebay in perfect English!!! Paypal will not listen to my complaint and refuse to withdraw £51.90 from her a/c—what can I do???
Does nobody listen anymore??

Posted: October 9, 2013 at 6:39 pm

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