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Buyer gets NO PROTECTION if you shop with BIG sellers.

I’m no common user Im a medium ebay seller for over 8 years with sales of $500,000 last year. A few months ago i signed up for another scam site called Ashley madison so they sent me fakes messages just for me to buy credits, I bait and bought $100 just to find out that the messages received were fake, since then the messages stopped and no one has contacted me, of course they already had my money.

Anyway Im used to get burn with paypal horrors cases in my ebay store every month and I have a lot of cases that I just prefer to ignore but this time i was in the “buyer” side and decided to use paypal “no matter what, thieves including, buyers win” policy so i filed a complaint.

The seller never responded so paypal ROBOTS advised me to escalate and since I’m familiar with disputes knowing that when the seller don’t respond buyers have 1000% chances of get their money back so i thought I will get mine too.

SURPRISE! the seller never contacted me even when I escalated the dispute paypal ROBOTS replied this way:

We’ve now completed our review of your case (PP-00*-21*-53*-18*). During our review, we found that your seller had sufficiently described the item. Therefore, we were unable to decide this case in your favor.

If you wish to pursue this further, we encourage you to contact your seller directly for resolution.

“Transaction details”

Case ID: ************

Seller’s name: ADL MEDIA

Seller’s email:

Seller’s transaction ID: ***********01C

Transaction date: 2014 May 23

Transaction amount: -¥9,900 JPY

Your transaction ID: ***********793H

To learn more about PayPal Buyer Protection and how we review and resolve claims, you can view our User Agreement by clicking “Legal” at the bottom of any PayPal page.

If you need further assistance, please click “Contact” at the bottom of any PayPal page.


Can you believe it? paypal only protect multinational and multimillion companies at their convenience but small and individual sellers are the one who pay paypal bills, so this is an example of selective paypal seller and buyer protection.


Big companies get really seller protection Small sellers always lose their money because paypal will take it automatically Buyers get 100% protection no matter the reason including fraud as long as you buy to an individual or uknow ebay store Buyer gets NO PROTECTION if you buy at MULTIMILLION BIG sellers.

I cannot hold hate in my heart, its difficult form and I forgive quickly, im blessed with this attitude as a person but for some reason the only thing i hate in this world is this SCAMMER COMPANY CALLED “PAYPAL” this company is a disgrace on this planet earth and the day they shut down i’ll be the happier man on earth!!

Posted: July 7, 2014 at 7:18 pm

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One thought on “Buyer gets NO PROTECTION if you shop with BIG sellers.
  1. Sue on

    LOL Maybe try not being a scumbag who cheats on your spouse. AM isn’t a “scam” site it’s a site for cheating married people – you knew what you were signing up for and it was you who wanted to read the emails on AM – whether they were fake or not that’s not Paypals fault. Complain to AM – alot of the dating sites do that in order for you to pay to read messages that turn out to be from their staff posing as real people.