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Buyer refused refund and filed Chargeback instead

Recently sold my macbook pro for $400 less than the asking price.. he agreed to pay half of the 1000 in cash and the other half through paypal since the banks were closed and he had already withdrawn his daily limit through the ATM, it originally was being sold with a lot of expensive software on it and when he lowballed me I told him that it wouldn’t be coming with the software, which the laptop was still selling for $1200 used on ebay at the time, he was okay with it. 2 days later he opens up a claim saying that the laptop was misrepresented to him and none of the software mentioned in the ad was on it.. immediately I chose the option with paypal to refund his money if he’d send the laptop back.. he declined the offer after waiting the entire 10 days to choose a response.. then my money was taken off hold, I withdrew it and paid my rent because that was the entire reason I was selling it.. a week after that Paypal sent an email saying the guy’s bank had opened a dispute with them and that there was a potential chargeback.. now a whole month later since this started I have a negative balance of $575 on my account and don’t have the money to pay it and it won’t allow me to delete my bank account information off of it. I will NEVER use paypal again.

Posted: June 14, 2012 at 2:00 pm

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3 thoughts on “Buyer refused refund and filed Chargeback instead
  1. PC Optimum on

    This pisses me off and shows you how wrong everything is with payPal. You offered the guy a full refund so what the hell is he bitching about?! There is no way in this world that he should have won that chargeback. The problem is that paypal did not fight for you. They just let another scammer walk all over a honest seller. A chargeback is a last resirt effort to recover money if you do not have the product and the seller refuses to work with you. You offered the guy a full refund!!!!!! That should be the end of the story. He can’t have the cake and eat it too….well actually he can Thanks to paypal. This would never happen if you had a merchant account.

  2. David on

    Sounds like your another victim of the paypal scam. My suggestion as frustrating as it will be is close your bank account all together. As soon as you do have money in their they are going to steal it from you. This is just how paypal operates. They will try to get their money any way they can.

  3. cookie_crumble on

    Boy it sounds like using paypal to process your orders turned out to be nothing but a mistake. I also will not use paypal to process any of my orders anymore. It freaks me out they way the dip into your bank account at will. I opened a merchant account with the place that advertises on here and it’s been working out fine. They are associated with the bank that I’ve used since I was 17 so that makes me feel better.