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Buyer returned different item, a fake

Hello, maybe you can help I sold a pair of pre-owned Christian louboution on ebay authentic ofcorse and 5 days after buyer received them they open paypal claim saying they were fake and wanted to return. I’ve sold Many high end items and never run into this problem before so I said if you think there fake them return them but in the mean time I sent photos the to the manufacture and was able to get a email from them saying saying that from the photos I sent they look to be authentic and this is the best you can get from them cause they don’t give written statements of authenticity so I sent the email to the buyer so, then she says that I sent her something different then what I had photographed.

So, I tell paypal that this is not right she trying to scam me and send them the email from the manufacture and they still decide that the buyer has the right to return the item. So I get the item back and my item has been switched The buyer took my shoes and sent me back a fake pair. And PayPal gives the buyer backs for money I have filed and appeal with payapl. Can you please help me! I’m out the shoes and the $444 they sold for and close to $40 for all the shipping..

Posted: January 16, 2014 at 5:25 pm

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