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Why is the buyer always right?

So I sold an item on ebay. The buyer claimed I mis-represented the $8 clothing item & demanded a full refund. I felt like they called me liar. My page said “no returns” but I tried to be reasonable & still said “ok, send it back & I’ll refund the purchase price only.” Buyer says “Nevermind, I will contact Paypal.” Don’t buy from people who say they don’t honor returns & then demand one & complain clothing doesn’t fit when you bought a used $8 shirt. They claimed it was a kids shirt & I’m 47yo woman who wore it! I’m NOT kid size either!

Buyer opens a case against me where Paypal says I have two days to work it out or respond or they refund the whole price. I explain my side and AGAIN tell them I offered & STILL offer refund of purchase price only. Although I was told I had two days to respond this douche doesn’t acknowledge the offer for a WEEK & then accepts what I thought was the same freakin’ thing I said BEFORE!! So Paypal gives them purchase price back but they GET TO KEEP THE ITEM!!! So NOW I have been called a liar & if you ask me STOLEN from!

Why is the buyer always right? And I had evidence of my saved communications that I TRIED to give them a refund on the purchase price. Why if I don’t offer returns can Paypal say too bad!?? It was only $8. But why is the Buyer who had 98.7% feedback believed over my 100% feedback? How many times have they gotten away this?

To boot, the buyer left me neutral feedback (ok, thanks…) saying I would not communicate until PayPal was contacted – LIES! And then messaged me telling me to leave them feedback! SERIOUSLY!???

Posted: February 20, 2014 at 7:18 pm

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2 thoughts on “Why is the buyer always right?
  1. Anonymous Genius on

    policies ma’am. and besides, if in you are in the case of the buyer, you would want that to happen as well right? humans really get frustrated or pissed if things did not go the way they wanted it to be.

  2. tony on

    Sent Buy it Now Guitar to buyer , he E mails after 8 days says it is “not as described” because neck is bad?? This was NEW from Factory , buyer wins escalated case, when I ask why they say you can see in pics neck is dented? I ask if they looked at pics I sent with neck and whole guitar in MINT!! condition? They say does not matter?? Why I ask does his issue matter and my proof showing no damage to guitar does ?? They argue I said OK I will appeal case , he laughs and says he will still not vote for my legal request, he said you will lose we do not care?? Why are they taking his side I said to them ( Brian and Brad in UTAH OFFICE For Resolution cases) “Are you Guys getting money from Buyer to Give him case?” They get very UPSET and start screaming they do not take bribs!! I ask “how come your are not taking my proof of no damage on guitar” they say WE ARE HANGING UP BECAUSE YOU DO NOT AGREE!! I hang up first and never pay them except for money that is left in pay-pal account