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Buyer changes his shipping address then did a chargeback

In April 2012 I sold a Gold coin to on Ebay. The buyer payed the $950.00 on time and requested I ship the item to a new address, indicating he was going to be away on business and did not want a valuable item lost or stolen while he was away. The day after I shipped the item the buyer filed an unauthorized purchase claim with Paypal. Paypal then placed a hold on the funds while they investigated the ‘charge-back’. I supplied Paypal with proof of delivery, emails from the buyer regarding his being satisfied with the purchase. On the 29th day of the Paypal 30 day review I was notified that the charge-back was honored and $950.00 would be deducted from my account. I advised Paypal that that would be fine if the coin was returned to me. I’ve made repeated attempts to contact Paypal since then and have not had the courtesy of a reply. It ts clear to me now that this was fraud from the beginning yet Paypal is doing nothing about it.

Posted: June 7, 2012 at 3:25 pm

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2 thoughts on “Buyer changes his shipping address then did a chargeback
  1. Huge on

    Sounds like fraud to me. This is why using paypal is a big mistake. They have no protection for their sellers. Now this bozo got the coin for free and paypal could care less.

  2. Mr. Henley on

    PayPal still got their fees so why should they care? My guess would be that more people use Paypal for fraud these days then honest people use it for buying and selling online. There are many rules to follow when it comes to using PayPal and ALWAYS ship to a verified address. This is super important. I also have my own rule about never buying or selling anything expensive. Too many things can go wrong and I would hate to be out a a large amount of $.