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Buyer unwilling to cooperate

I am in the middle of a fraudulent chargeback attempt. Buyer purchased a high dollar, vintage DJ mixer that was in working order prior to shipment, on an “installment” plan at buyer’s request due to AMEX transaction limitations. Arrangements made for additional payments at set sum over six months – no fee or interest imposed.

Carrier damaged mixer in transit. I offered repair by the (defunct) mixer company’s former chief engineer at no cost. Buyer refused to ship item to chief engineer, instead utilizes local craftsman for the repairs — and is subsequently unhappy with the results.

Buyer then is offered again the option of sending the unit to the Brand’s (former) chief engineer for remediation. He claims to have lost the address, so it is provided again.

Instead of shipping the item for remediation, the buyer now files “significantly not as described” charge back claim with AMEX…

I have submitted 165 pages of collected correspondence detailing the transaction, and the buyer’s lack of good faith in the transaction.

I am currently awaiting decision from Ebay/Paypal/AMEX…

Posted: December 12, 2013 at 6:50 pm

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