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Buyers need to be aware when using PayPal

Hi I would like to add my own minor paypal horror story.

It isn’t a Big Scary Tale like what some of your sellers go through. I have some fault too. But I think all buyers need to be aware of the possibilities.

1) I started collecting vintage electronics last year. This marks a big change in the way I used my paypal account, since I used to buy books/ clothes and had only 1-2% of transactions with problems.
2) I bought over 100x vintage electronics in the past half year.
3) A few transactions were dis satisfactory. That’s like 5%.
4) I talked to paypal’s underlings and they told me I MUST file disputes in order to send these back, otherwise paypal won’t process the return. I said I didn’t like the idea of filing disputes if seller was ok with a normal return, but they said it was Paypal policy.
5) Recently I filed a 5th dispute in 180 days. Paypal suspended my account without warning, saying I was abusing buyer protection. And the 5th item was returned to seller, but paypal refused to credit my account. They have not ruled in favor of seller or claimed I didn’t return item or anything. They just say they are not going to listen to me, since account is suspended. So money is now in Limbo aka Paypal’s pockets.

So I am out of money, goods, and also my return shipping.

And not to mention, I am out of a paypal account also since you can’t do anything with a suspended account.

My hobby has come to a screeching halt. In any case, I am finding vintage electronics very unsatisfactory (too many complaints) so I’ll have to stop buying. It’s not worth my effort to set up another bank account to get a new paypal.

From some anecdotes I’m reading, if you have 5 disputes (whether as buyer or seller) in the past 180 days, paypal will suspend your account. They don’t care what proportion of transactions are actually disputed. EG I didn’t think of myself as being particularly noisome with 5% disputes, whereas someone with 50% disputes would clearly be a problem. But some sellers with 0.5% disputes out of 1000 sales also get into trouble, and it seems very unfair. Anyone with 98% positive feedback on ebay, or 20 disputes out of 1000 sales, should be considered ok.

Posted: May 9, 2014 at 7:21 pm

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