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Buyers have all the power and can screw sellers at any given moment

My husband sold some RYO machines on eBay in an effort to make some extra money for our family during a particularly difficult time for us financially. One of the buyers, who was particularly pushy insofar as the timing of delivery, (demanding it be sent before the stated estimated time of shipment in the eBay listing) received the machine, and the next day told my husband he would not be keeping the machine, and that it didn’t work. My husband, a very reasonable man, responded quickly, offering to first identify the mechanical issue and then assist with the repair of the item. The buyer at that point ceased all communication with my husband and proceeded to file a dispute with PayPal, claiming my husband did not make any efforts to resolve the matter with him. Even after providing proof of communication, and the correspondence between my husband and this man were clearly contradictory to what his claim with paypal stated, paypal sided with the buyer. When my husband appealed, paypal told him the ONLY way they would consider reversing their decision was if he took the machine that was returned (that the man BROKE INTENTIONALLY to get his money back on an item he decided he no longer wanted) to the local police station and file a report. My husband would have been LAUGHED OUT OF THE STATION, no report would have been filed because the law enforcement agencies are not responsible for any PayPal disputes related to condition of items when they are returned….how would they know it wasn’t sent broken in the first place? It was a joke!! Now, my husband is unable to use his paypal or ebay accounts that he had worked so hard for years to build up to the exemplary rating he had, because paypal does not value the seller or acknowledge that their money comes largely from the fees associated with Selling and receiving monies.

Posted: March 4, 2013 at 7:27 pm

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One thought on “Buyers have all the power and can screw sellers at any given moment
  1. Buyers did not follow Paypal Policy on

    Buyer received item then emailed to request refund and they would send refund back to seller after they received refund for not as described which was false. When photos were requested instead of trying to resolve the buyer immediately filed a dispute. Sent illegible photos. Buyer starting getting nasty in emails so called Paypal to tell them I want my item back before a refund is issued – so far Paypal has emailed buyer telling them they have 10 days in which to return item in same condition it was sent. If you are dealing with a unreputable buyer do all correspondence via PAYPAL by logging onto account, keeping all claim numbers. The buyer even went to the extreme of making a statement of seller being unethical and misrepresenting item but yet they refused to provide clear, visible pictures. Told PAYPAL something tells me this buyer is a fraud (probably is). Prior to sale buyer was sent pics, provided accurate information – and I kept all copies. Now my account is being held so I can’t work with great buyers – just because of someone who is devious. PAYPAL fax number is 402-537-5760 – just be sure to include any claim numbers and document everything. Let PAYPAL deal with the buyer who makes false allegations. And if they continue to harass you notify PAYPAL and file a police report as well for harassment. Maybe there are ways to stop these types of buyers in their tracks. When sending items to buyer take a picture of the item next to package that has buyers name & address, take dated pics of item and always issue a PAYPAL invoice to the buyer. When I sent the buyer an invoice they weren’t happy – they just wanted me to accept their payment without any documentation – the invoice indicated date, description of item sold, selling terms, price. I just want to be done with this buyer – when this is resolved I will be sure to block them from my email as well as sending report to site I advertised my item on to try to prevent them from doing this to others.