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I am Calling the state attorneys office for fraud

I have been a customer of paypal for ten+ years. They recently froze my account saying i had “exceeded my ten thousand dollar spending limit.” A: I havent spent 10k wish i had it to spend. B: I tried to withdraw my money to a bank they refused saying MY BANK wasnt verified. They said they would send two different amounts to my bank. been two weeks. Emails come back telling me how to edit “My preferences” . I phoned them was hung up on. Nice folks there. Meanwhile ebay and paypal are taking my money and millions of other peoples money and “investing” it in money markets so they can skim the cream off the top. the longer they delay in unfreezing my and millions of other accounts- the longer they skim. this is business as usual for these greedy f**ks. 300+ transactiosn and 100% feedback and this is how they play me? Calling the state attorneys office for fraud as well.

Posted: November 15, 2012 at 4:59 pm

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One thought on “I am Calling the state attorneys office for fraud
  1. walt on

    I had to do this and there was some code on my bank statement that I had to provide to paypal but they never told me this, it was a huge hassle and many hours on the phone until i finally got some I could understand and who explained it all to me.