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PayPal, What A Mistake.

By Dave

I opened a Paypal account about five months ago so that I would be able to accept credit card sales from my website. What a mistake.

I purchased something on eBay right before Christmas and never received it.

Filed a dispute with Paypal and was informed the seller proved he shipped it. I requested that he prove I received it, but the case was closed, and I was out the money.

It gets better, much better.

My account had over $10,000 in it when I received an email from Paypal stating “more than one report of suspicious behavior from your buyers . . .” and my account was now in “limited” status.  They processed a refund for $1450 to a customer whose purchase was over 90 days old.

I provided shipping and delivery confirmation but they did nothing.  I was informed that I would now have to submit to a credit check – why? For my own protection, Paypal was doing me a favor. “Yeah Right”

After over five hours on hold throughout the day, I finally got to a “supervisor” who stated I must submit to a credit check, at the request of eBay, and see what happens. My first question to him was, “who’s money is it?” His answer, mine. Next question, “so, if I submit to a credit check, you will give me my money back?”. Answer – yes.

Let me get this straight, its my money, but you will not let me have it – theft. If I do as you ask, you may give me my money back – blackmail. He then hung up.

My solution was to go to my bank and close the account associated with my Paypal account. I even left that bank altogether. I then issued refunds and explanations to my customers until my Paypal account went negative.

Paypal thought they would simply confiscate my bank funds to cover it – but oops, no money, no account, and better still, no more Paypal. I did, however, place a wonderful commentary about my experience on my website.

I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one, but saddened that this company is getting away with this.

Is it still possible to join in a class action suit?

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 10:09 am

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