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Cannot Send Or Receive

By Ilona

Well, after a super great month on Ebay, I go to ship several packages with paypal’s online ship system. A typical routine for me.  I log in, go to print a label and get told I cannot send any funds. Nor can I recieve funds. I had over 90 people owe me money, which they cannot send to me since paypal blocked their payment. I cannot ship packages, about 70 at this time since I print my labels online and ALL my funds are sitting in paypal. Not to include the active listings of about 70 more items selling. Account is totally blocked. I email after email and nobody responds to me!!! I’m in complete panic as I hadover $700 sitting there and I cannot do a dam thing about it. I call them and they make me do that 5 thing verification thing. For what reason? they threw out some date that I was never on pp that day for suspicous activity!! No solution whatsoever. I don’t have the extra money sitting around to cover these shipments, ebay fees and to pay my sellers on Ebay.

This is a complete nightmare. I thought I was all alone. I am loosing so much money right now and the frustration has really taken a tole on me as I have worked my tail off on Ebay and this is the thanks I get. Paypal gets money off sellers as they get money when we do. We are the customers and their service is S**T!! I am getting a lawyer NOW!! Let’s put Paypal to and end. This is a poor shame that hard working people like us get screwed for no reason at all.

PASS THIS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW before they will be next typing up their stories at 3 in the morning with no solution for tommorows days work on ebay with angry buyers and frozen assets. This is poor S**T!! Thank you VERY MUCH PAYPAL WARNING!! GOD BLESS YOU FOR SPREADING THE TRUTH ON PAYPAL!!!

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 12:52 pm

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