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Can’t Get A Refund

By Lori

I purchased a “mink coat” in February from a woman who had 100% feedback for $425.00.  When the coat came in a small priority box I knew I was in trouble.  I opened the box and was disappointed in the quality of the coat. I put the coat on and the pelts started splitting.  I emailed her and I realized this person is not giving me a refund.  I took it as a loss and brought the coat to be fixed at a reputable furrier. He informed me the coat was in terrible condition and was NOT MINK!!!! I emailed the seller.  She ignored me.  I filed a complaint with pay pal, faxed a statement from the furrier that stated it was not mink. Paypal closed the case and was not issuing me a refund.  I am so disgusted.  I can’t find a number to call them.  If you have a number that I could speak to a real person I would appreciate it.  

Regards,  Lori

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 7:38 am

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