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Can’t Get My Money

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

I am a customer of Paysat I have tried on a number of occasions to get my money. The amount is not great but my belief is no matter how much it was I would have experience and the same problems.  I wrote to the Managing Director but have yet to receive a reply.

This is the copy of the letter I sent which I give you permission to print. IF they do not want to respond then I will show it to the world.

Thank you.


Dear Sir.

I do hope that this letter reaches you as it is not meant to be destructive, it is I hope taken as purely constructive in comment and advice.

I appreciate that yours is a young company and does have its teething problems; however I do have a few comments to make.

First and foremost I have dealt online for some time I currently use other credit card processing companies such as Storm-Pay and Moneybookers and they all have niggling problems.

However, at this time I do find yours to be far above the normal.  I must have joined close to the beginning and could see the wisdom in your earlier ruling that one had to be with PAYSAT for a period of six weeks before a payment was issued and I really had no problem with that.

However,  a number of things have arisen recently which I have not enjoyed considering that I have in effect given you my money in ‘trust’ no matter what that amount happens to be.

Recently, I have had cause to hold payments back from entering my ‘PAYSAT’ account due to what has transpired.  During this period of time I have also grown weary with the ‘lets get rid of this customer’ tactics’ by your online staff.  So much so that I have twice summoned a supervisor and only managed on one occasion to achieve that and I am yet to receive an email reply to that particular online request.

On the other occasion I was rudely cut off after addressing a rude remark by the staff in question.     Please do not ask me the names as that would also be seen by me at this stage as a tactic to delay.  What I require is a responsible and real response to this as this is general and without exception.  I think it is endemic in your department and a almost a policy.  For your company this disease will lead its demise and to disaster.

Unfortunately, I have encountered problems with various things since the onset but made the appropriate allowance due the infancy of the company.  I have written numerous e-mails with both personal and general queries and to date have received but few replies. That is why I was forced to resort to the online service.

My final and last complaint is the new ‘six week’(now 60 days) rule which I must say seems to be unique to PAYSAT and your service in  particular.

I am more than surprised with it and the comments that it is a banking policy!!!!!!!!.  My complaint are as follows:   I pay my online bills through a bank which my client credit card payments are transferred to through my PAYSAT account with you.

My last payment was due on the 15th and when it did not arrive.    I then rang your department when it was not sent and was told, initially, that it was being processed (fob off 1).    I then a few days later was told it was in the system and would arrive (fob off 2.)  I then received your letter stating that I would now have to wait for six weeks after you received payments and would then  be paid out plus the period of time between that date and the normal 1st and 15th.dates.

I then waited and went online to your department and was told yes it would be delivered in a few days,  I asked to confirm what was a few days and was told that it would be ‘a few days’ (fob off 3).  I then waited went back online and was told that it would be sent when it was due (fob off 4).  I then demanded to know when that would be and was informed August 1st (fob off 5)    I then asked to speak to a supervisor a Dawn A.  I believe, I had no way of knowing that she was online so I had to take their word, for as she was I believe using the same line as the operator.   I had also dealt with her in the early days and it did not really seem to me to be the same person.

I then requested  they send the money sooner as the amount received was from a client who I had already received and been paid out a previous payment.  She replied that she  would accelerate that request to the accounts manager and would reply and let me know. (Fob off 6)  I then waited and two days again went online.  I asked the same boring questions and got a series of polite and stock replies (fob off 7).   I then requested to speak to the supervisor and was told that she was not available (fob off 8)  then the individual started to become facetious and rude when I commented on this the line was cut (Fob off 9).

Sir – if you feel these complaints have no ground, I assure you that they have, as the following has happened as a result of this.   I have lost clients as my web site account has been twice cut off due to non payment.

I live in the Philippines that account is in Spain and the purpose of using your system was to replenish the account with monies.  I have had problems continuously with your SUPPORT!!  Service and now have had to resort to other payment means as I do not want to wait two months for my money and transfers to my Spanish Bank account if many others want that I would be surprised.

I hope that you will have the courtesy to reply to this and I will take a copy and send you a new one every three day until the reply is received.  After all I am, a client and do expect some form of service from you – as I would like to remind you that no matter how little it is my money you are handling and it could have become much larger – at the end of the day your company is the loser in all of this.

Yours sincerely.

If you want to shorten it that is ok by me.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 11:52 am

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