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Can’t Resolve Payment

By David

I sold a dirt bike which some one picked up. The paypal account show they where varified and the payment was in my account. With that info I let the guy pick up the bike…… he did and a few days later my account showed the money as negitive and I got a automated letter from paypal expaing that the money was reversed. Paypal was very had to deal with and told me to call the Police and press charges on the buyer. (no kidding)

Long story short…. I called the buyer and he explained that he set up a new cc and that for some reason (maybe his fault) it went on the old card which he had already cancled. He then called paypal and they told him at this poin they have to charge the card again and then try his bank account (which he had no funds in). he said he really wanted to resolve this and wanted it to go on his new cc. They said it was all automatic and nothing he could do now.

The best way now to resolve the paymant was to send cashers check which he did. He told me he spend hours with paypal on the phone and always getting no help or wrong info.

2 weeks went by and I finialy called again. they would not tell me anythig….they are very protective of themselfs but not of me. The manager said to me even though he may have sent the check, he will have to e-mail them to ok the money going to me.(this is not a new transation it is about the one we did!!!!!).

I had the buyer call in one more time to get the place to send the release. they told him they did not need to do it and eveything is done on his end…..??????? what??? I was so mad. I called them again and said hey we are doing eveything you asked….everything….it is your company that is holding my money and I want it!!!!!! (It is my money?) He put me on hold and came back in 3 min and said he went ahead and put eveything through.

Yes my account is clear!!!! but if I had not called I don’t know when or if I would have ever seen the money.

I asked him to put my complaints in and the president of paypal can call me any time so I could help them in fixing there problems…..He has not called as on yet.

I am now going to tell my buyers to use western union or money orders.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 5:14 am

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