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Can’t Get Password

By Chris

Thanks for nothin.

I sold three scuba tanks on ebay and accepted payment through pay pal and I shipped the tanks via bus because nobody else will touch them. Cost $95 for shipping. So the buyer paid paypal. I go to get the money and can’t remember my password so I gave them everything under the sun that they asked for and they still wouldn’t give my password. After numerous calls they said too bad. What the hell was all the ID and Bills and other shit for if they werent going to give me my password. I asked the buyer to pay me another way because the tanks had been shipped and were sitting in his town waiting to be picked up at the bus station. He said I don’t trust you and wouldn’t pay. $80 to get them shipped back. Atleast the guy didn’t get the tanks and leave me with nothing. Never again Pay Pal NEVER.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 12:36 pm

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