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Can’t Take Money Out

By Ruben

I personally have had little trouble with the paypal..  They even just got back $$ from a runaway seller that ripped me off. Once I had to call credit card to get the chargeback. I can get moneyorders for free at the bank, so bidpay etc. is not feasible to me.  The only thing about pp is you can not take money out deposited with credit card if you have the BASIC account, it has to be deposited, then transfered to me before I can widthdraw it. I did have one time i had to get the buyer to email the transaction recept to them before payment got deposited in their account, but besides, I’ve had good luck.. Can’t see paying $5 or so for something like a money order I get free….


Posted: May 9, 2012 at 8:27 am

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