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Chargeback By PayPal

By L. Philpot

A few days ago I was “charge-backed” by paypal from a fraudulent buyer, a total of $154.50 plus a $10 charge from paypal for investigation fee!?!?!. The buyer received the merchansdise, a USPS delivery receipt was scanned and the Post Master verified to me by phone that package was delivered, she also saw the buyer carrying it! The buyer within a few hours of picking up his merchandise from the US post office, submitted a claim for a chargeback with Paypal. I was notified the same day by e-mail and responded in accordance with paypal’s instructions and well inside the time line they require to contest. They received my tracking number and e-mailed both the buyer and I that the tracking proof had been received and the chargeback was on hold
pending an investigation.

Seven days later, paypal requests the same information from me again! I respond again. Within twenty four hours of that response they refund the buyer’s money and charge me $164.50. They will not respond now, and case is closed. I have researched the buyer and have found four other victims he has scammed the same way. IF YOU ARE A SELLER, BEWARE OF PAYPAL, EVEN IF YOU COMPLY VERBAITIM TO THEIR SELLER PROTECTION POLICY, “PAYPAL SELLER PROTECTION POLICY, ITEM 2, POLICY CONDITIONS.” (THERE ARE SEVEN STEPS TO INDEMNIFY SELLERS OF FALSE CLAIMS OF NON-SHIPMENT OF GOODS), THEY WILL STILL ISSUE A CHARGEBACK REGARDLESS AND CHARGE YOU AN ADDITIONAL FEE. I have retained an attorney and will file mail fraud charges in small claims court against Paypal and the co-defendent buyer next week.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 11:38 am

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