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Chargeback Nightmare

By Steve Kay

Sold a printer for $1800 to a man in N.J. ( I’m in Calif). He paid by credit card throuhg Paypal. Two months later Paypal blocked my account and it showed a chargeback for the $1800. When I called, they said it was under investigation.

I told them he cannot have his money back since he stole the printer. They made me wait until may, then told me they gave him his money back in December. When I asked why they did that after I reported the item stolen, they blamed it on the credit card company.

They then sent me to collections for the $1800 which I disputed. I sued Paypal, but the case was dismissed. I had an argument with their legal department who said I can’t sue them due to the user agreement. I am now out $3600, and am trying to sue the man in N.J., but the small claims court

doesn’t think I can do it. Paypal lied, blocked my account, sent me to collections, and ignored the fact that my printer was stolen; they said that investigations take up to 75 days when they refunded the money instantly and never investigated at all.

They are truly scum.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 5:58 am

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