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Chargebacks and buyer fraud

Sold a Jaeger Clock for 300, when it arrived the buyer Texted me to say clock arrived safely, Next thing i know is he has opened a chargeback dispute, I showed paypal my proof of posting, not only that i had a witness to who saw me pack and send item, despite this paypal decided to refund buyer.
I took most of the money out, but not all of it. now my account is negative and i can’t use ebay any more, not only that, they are telephoning me with threatening calls saying they are going to send debt collectors after me.

I told them that, that was fraud, but they said not according to paypal rules. I don’t want anyone to be fooled thinking having a tracking number and item signed for works for sellers as i also lost hundreds to a Japanese person going under ebay name of bigfatdog who was also was refunded the whole amount despite having a letter from post office to say item arrived. ebay and paypal is not a safe place for sellers. ONLY sell what you can afford to lose.

Posted: July 31, 2012 at 2:47 pm

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2 thoughts on “Chargebacks and buyer fraud
  1. Jermaine on

    There is so much fraud out there especially through paypal because the are so quick to refund a buyer with truly investigating the claims. I sold something to a man in Texas and as soon as he got it he filed a dispute claiming he never got it which was BS because I had delivery confirmation but paypal sided with them and out my account in the red for $500.

  2. Elin on

    lol the paypal rules; that is the biggest fraud out there. Paypal has legally figured out a way to steal from all their users. I guess anyone can start a website, put a ton pf fine print terms of service hidden on that website and then just take peoples money. If any one protests you just refer them to your terms of service that states that you have the right to take their money and they agreed to this. Well this pretty much sums up paypal doesn’t it?