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Charged $130.00 shipping for free shipping items

I bought several items and paid for them August 15 11:55 pm. There was reversals for many of the items Aug 16 at 12:15 am. They ended up in my unpaid items. I clicked on the items to pay on Aug 17 and it charged me $130. shipping on free shipping items. paypal said it was ebay. ebay said it was the seller. The sellers said it was a ebay paypal glitch. ebay paypal and sellers wont refund my money or cancel my order. I have been on the phone for 8 hours starting immediately after the transaction happened. paypal said they couldnt refund my money they are like a bank. Ebay said the sellers charged the money. The sellers said they didnt charge me shipping. They said it was a glitch at ebay and paypal. There are several items still in my unpaid item list ebay said they are paid for the sellers say they aren’t. Sellers say its a ebay paypal glitch. I’ve sold things on ebay and I know the sellers dont charge anything. You list the item. You choose to not charge for shipping and the listing is viewed as free shipping. When the auction ends you get what was bid on the item, that’s all. I think this is a ebay-paypal scam.

Posted: August 25, 2015 at 6:46 pm

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