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Charged For PayPal User

By Daniel Huang

Today (13th August 2003) I discovered that my credit card was billed for AU$789.79 (US$513 – based on exchange rate of AU$1.00 = US$0.65) and AU$3.09 (US$2.00). I suspect that the people was testing it out on a smaller amount (US$2.00) first and then hit me for US$513.

I am not or have EVER been a PAYPAL member and from reading this site, don’t ever plan to be. The reason why I am putting this up is because the Banking Description for this transaction is…

08/08/2003 $789.79 PAYPAL *SALDEROSALI 402-935-7733
08/08/2003    3.09 PAYPAL 6066 *MEMBER 402-935-7733

I did a google search for paypal and the above phone number and found this site as a result.

Is this a genuine PAYPAL scam or are the scammers just using PAYPAL’s name just to throw mud on the issue? Do real paypay transactions have the support number in the description?

Whatever the case, my bank (ANZ) is looking into this issue and will be querying the merchant involved.

Melbourne, Australia

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 1:37 pm

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One thought on “Charged For PayPal User
  1. tevita on

    Paypal sucks. ..I thought that you guys shared no personal information about my credit card…but now some one get into my account stole my money