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Charged A Reversal Fee

By Greg

About a month ago, PayPal notified me that someone purchased a $11.50 item using a “fraudulent” credit card. (This was a month “after” the transaction). I was told that unless I send “proof” I shipped the item, they would take that amount from me. 2 weeks after sending the proof, they reversed the transaction but charged me a $10.50 “processing fee”! I was FURIOUS! I contacted the “resolutions” department and was also told, I was not covered since the individual had “an unconfirmed address”. The “unconfirmed address” is used when I send something and the buyer claims it never arrived. The buyer acknowledged receipt and his credit card company refused to pay.

PayPal will find a way (ethically or not) to stick the innocent with the loss. They have NEVER assisted me in a professionally/ concerned manner.  luckily, I kept money out of my account so they can’t take what isn’t there:) I will lose alot of business by “firing” PayPal, but I refuse to be used and abused by them. If anyone knows of a “reliable” substitute for PayPal that alot of people use, I would appreciate it. PAYPAL TRULY SUCKS!!!!!

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 5:38 am

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