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Cheated And Betrayed

By Emily

I have been a very happy Paypal customer for years now. My husband does consulting work, and I am a stay-at-home mom to 4 small kids and we used Paypal to avoid me opening up a bank account. My husband had a Paypal account hooked up to his bank account, and I had mine complete with its own debit card, and whenever I needed my weekly groceries, gas, or whatever my husband would send me money and I’d use my card to pay. I knew the fees were a bit of a pain, but it was worth it to have a debit card without opening an account. My husbands account was always empty because he just transferred money from his bank, and mine always had at least 30 dollars for emergencies.

About a month ago I logged into my Paypal account to find out why my card had been rejected while on vacation with my kids and found out I had a balance of about negative 900 dollars. When I checked my email I saw Paypal was holding funds while investigating money sent to me by my husband.They had held out numerous different transactions from several different dates ranging from $75 to $250(all money I had long since spent) I called them and got no answers,and I emailed them repeatedly and got no reply of any kind. On the phone I was told to wait, so I did. I trusted them.

My husband also had a balance of negative 900 because of the ‘pending investigation’ since his balance always stayed at 0. We waited 4 long weeks never getting any answers, only to have Paypal sent me emails claiming it was determined that transactions should be reversed, putting my husbands account back to 0 but leaving mine at -900. Even if my husband sent me 900 dollars I would only have a balance of zero, not to mention the Paypal fees that I paid the FIRST time the money was sent to me never being returned.

I am furious and not even sure what to do at this a point. after being such a faithful paypal user for so long I feel cheated and betrayed, and even now Paypal refuses to give me or my husband any answers or explainations of their actions.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 7:47 am

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