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I have been cheated by Paypal, ebay and buyer

I worked my EBay for 5 yrs I am disabled and rely on the income from home I operate a non profit animal rescue with proceeds from sales off of EBay. I sold a saddle the buyer kept the saddle 3 weeks tore it up sent it back and wanted her 500 dollars back A hold was placed on my paypal account They took the money which was used to feed the rescue animals without any remorse I had to appeal and after several months won my case not after it put me out of business and broke my spirit and heart. I won the appeal but she was able to leave negitive feedback and lower my 100% I maintained for 5 yrs My reputations was hurt while I was the victim and the party who prevailed in the appeal What is fair with that. I have NO USE for Paypal and like doing EBay as it did help pay the bills I know there has to be a better way Please Help!

Posted: March 6, 2014 at 7:04 pm

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