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Check your bank account and credit cards

A warning: Keep an eye on your transactions, Paypal is “conveniently” swapping primary accounts from your bank account to their credit card without notifying their customers. For me this meant I have been charging things to a credit card, racking up a balance, paying interest, and being charged late fees all without being aware of it for several months; sitting in blissful ignorance that transactions were being debited from my checking account as they have done for the PAST 10 YEARS! Admittedly, I should have caught it sooner, but I shouldn’t have had to “catch” it. LOOK OUT FOR THEIR QUESTIONABLE BUSINESS PRACTICES.

Posted: November 7, 2012 at 3:47 pm

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One thought on “Check your bank account and credit cards
  1. mirriam on

    What I don’t understand is why paypal takes the fee from my bank account when I have the balance available in my paypal account. They have done this 3 times now and one time it caused an overdraft fee because I wasn’t expecting it and was low on funds in my bank account but I had over $500 in my paypal account.