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Check Out This Site

By Jason


Do you offer advertising on your site?

You should check out  They will be launching on June 1st, 2005. They have a really cool promotion giving away FREE T-shirts, caps, keychains and gift sets.  Now this is what I call good marketing.

Their referral program is strong as well like Stormpay.  They allow numerous funding options.  They will actually have phone support as noted on their website and when I emailed them they confirmed that it will be available in 2 weeks when they launch.

Now this is a pretty good alternative and they will not freeze your account and they offer a secured account where they protect you against chargebacks.

You should really check them out since I honestly think this one will be a good company from my investigations and contact.

I also told them about your site and advertising here.  Their contact for marketing is  You should contact him and tell him to advertise on your site if you allow it.


Posted: May 8, 2012 at 6:28 am

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