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First the claim was “Not as described” later changed to “Not received”

The last bad experience, I sell someone an Iphone in november. They claim the item wasnt as described. They misread the auction, so ebay ruled in my favor and paypal released my $500 dollars finally at the end of December. Then in March the buyer files a chargeback with his credit card company claiming he never received the itemand Paypal takes $500 out of my account. Now Paypal wont release the money without proof of delivery and an invoice from the store i bought the Iphone from. I just relocated across country and can not find the signature confirmation slip. I would think the fact that he already filed a dispute for item not as described and tried to get paypal to have me exchange the phone, that would be proof enough that he already received the phone. Clearly there is fraud going on here and PayPal just looks away. Now they also froze my wifes account and my fathers account claiming they are linked to my paypal account. Now I’m out a grand total of $953. How is this even legal?

Posted: June 12, 2012 at 3:08 pm

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2 thoughts on “First the claim was “Not as described” later changed to “Not received”
  1. Chipster 2012 on

    I’m assuming the rule of double jeopardy doesn’t apply to paypal now does it? The amount of fraud they get away with is nearly unheard of. Unfortunately they have the power to limit the accounts of those close to you. For some ungodly reason they find it necessary to link every fabric of ones account to another’s. I don’t think you will ever see your money again. The wise thing to do is to close your bank account once paypal settled the case in your favor. By leaving it open you left yourself susceptible to them dipping into your account again. Not entirely your fault though, who would have thought that they evil trolls running that place would go back on their first judgment.

  2. ItsnotRight on

    This is such a clear case of fraud that even a 6-year old would figure out. Why is it so hard for PayPal to figure it out? If the buyer first files a claim that the item is not as described and later files a charge back that he never received the item he is clearly a liar!! He obviously must have gotten the item in order to state that it is not as described so the chargeback should have been dismissed right away. And what does your father or wife have to do with this?? I would think that this is very illegal but PayPal pays off the right people to be able to get away with this kind of fraud.