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All I want to do is close my account, but I can’t!

I paid $500 for a service on Paypal with my bank acct by mistake. Seller refunded my money…no problem. Paypal still took the money from my bank acct and caused it to be overdrawn and receive 4 overdraft charges. I understand that an ACH transaction cannot be stopped once it is set in motion. No problem. Them Paypal takes another $500 out of my account claiming they never got the first $500. It took several weeks and finally my bank was able to retrieve the money with no help from Paypal. Now my account in Paypal is limited and I cannot access anything. I want to cancel it but I can’t because they want me to “verify” my bank acct. No way! So now I am frozen from cancelling my Paypal acct and they STILL have access to my bank acct. TOTAL BS!

Posted: September 18, 2012 at 2:49 pm

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5 thoughts on “All I want to do is close my account, but I can’t!
  1. Rex on

    I have been wanting to close my paypal account for the last 4 months but paypal won’t let me. They keep telling me I have a pending transaction but I don’t. I haven’t used that account in over 6 months. I have removed all my information that I could and I even went as far as closing the bank account that I had linked and opened up a new one just to be on the safe side. I just don’t trust paypal.

  2. culero on

    We will need to report this incidents to the proper authorities Federal or Internationally Once your account is suspended they keep your private personals details always in their servers cc’s, names, nicknames, passwords, mail addresses, etc. this way if you re-register again in Ebay or Paypal they will link your account to force you to pay. Their way to solve problems and disputes is the worst way by SUSPENSION OR BLOCKING MEMBERS but they never delete you to prevent those members register again. They basically stole our private details and they must be treated as CRIMINALS. Why they don’t pay for this damages and loses where is their so called Ebay/Paypal Buyer Protection.

    • ebay accounts for sale on

      If you want to close your account, you will need to do it when you have no pending transactions, no limitations or anything on hold on the account. It is a pain to do it if you do have any of the mentioned problems.

  3. Isabel on

    All I wanted to do is pay someone with a credit card and they sent me a paypal invoice. The Mexico site apparently doesn’t allow you to just pay someone’s bill- they make you open a paypal account. So I went through the passes and wasn’t happy after verifying my card. I ended up paying my bill another way (wire xfer) and then I closed my paypal account.

    Well I THOUGHT I closed it!

    immediately after trying to pay someone I closed the account. I responded to their questions and got the “we hate to see you go” messages. The thank you for trying us message from paypal was the last one. That was last year.

    today I get an e-mail from paypal saying they changed something or other, and I wondered WHY my closed account would get a message. Low and behold I still have a paypal account! WTF?

    So I tried to close it and I think I found the problem. The card I signed up with had since expired. I CLOSED my paypal account LAST year and it only was replaced recently, but WTF? So get this, paypal wants me to enter the exp of my NEW card! WHY? So I can “close” my account “again”! This is ludicrous and I am glad I saved those messages because I will report this to our consumer protection agency.

  4. dude on

    Paypal’s system is clearly rigged up not to let people close their accounts.
    It is unbelievable how they can get away with this.
    The only option to verify your account ownership is to receive an sms or an automatic call on your mobile.I tried both and received Nothing.
    They know all too well that many people forget their passwords after making them come up with really complicated combinations for “security reasons”.
    This company stands for all i hate about this world!