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Can’t close my account because it is limited

I’d been a happy occasional user of PayPal for several years, done all the verification things with the bank account etc and even become an approved business user. I had good ratings on eBay and all was good in the world. April 4th this year and a hosting supplier wanted to credit my account due to overbilling, after that I was put on limit. When I queried it I was told I had to provide photo ID and further proof of my home address, which hadn’t changed in 2 years. Now, strange as it may seem I don’t have any valid photo ID as my passport had expired and I’m still using the old style, legal, non photo driving license. I told PayPal I was unable to comply with their request although I did scan a utility bill and upload it, which was fine. PayPal said that a copy of by birth certificate would be ok as photo ID but when I pointed out that that document resides at my Mothers house some 250 miles away they weren’t interested. I also queried how a document without a photo could qualify as photo ID and that quite commonly, when I was born I looked nothing like I do now. I have asked them to close my account as the major problem is that they have my ONLY Visa Debit card associated to the account which means I can’t use that to buy tickets or anything where the seller has opted for PayPal as their payment processor…can’t even decide NOT to use PayPal. They have now said that they can’t close an account that is limited and that I need to comply before the account can be closed! Idiots! If I COULD comply I wouldn’t want the account closed! And so the saga continues…

Posted: May 15, 2013 at 4:17 pm

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