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I have been with paypal for 8+ years and I used to love them. Yesterday I logged in and my account access had been limited in other words my account was closed. When I called and asked them why all they could tell me is the following statement….We recently noticed a pattern of account activity that, in our experience, is usually high risk. Not a phone call not an email just closed. Now I must admit I have engaged in some high risk activity such as……..buying a plane ticket on SW airlines, a rental car from avis and most scary of all was buy a can opener on Amazon. Wow I have 10 websites and I sell Iphones on ebay so to say they killed my life with 1 stroke would be an understatement….FUCK YOU PAYPAL

Posted: October 22, 2012 at 4:35 pm

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  1. Matt on

    They destroyed my business too. I was selling on eBay and everything was going fine. Then they suddenly started putting my money on hold indefinitely. They claimed it was a five day hold but I didn’t get my money back for over a month. Meanwhile, they made interest on my hard-earned buck and my business was ruined because I had no capital to work with.

  2. John on

    First paypal put a reserve on my account then 6 months later they permanently limited my account and are now holding the 10k I got in the reserve plus $5k that I had in my paypal account. My appeals have been denied and I have no way of getting my money. Just have to wait I was told by paypal. I don’t have money laying around so I can afford to “wait” for 15k. I need that money now.

  3. Thomas on

    There’s only one way to stop crap like that and this is switching to a substitute (at least for non Ebay sellers). I’ve been running like 5 online shops with Paypal and never thought about anything else. But after a lot of crazy shit happening (also closed account several times for no reason) I integrated Skrill. This means at least 20% less revenue but also 100% less hustle ;)

  4. Hugh Hopkins on


    Same here, they just closed the account after using it for 10 years.
    Not a big user , but paid bills on it, used it for Ebay and a few other things.
    Cannot give reason why it was closed, very unhelpful on the phone and holding a small amount of money.

    Have to write them now.

    Anyone any help on this matter?