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I closed my paypal account then buyer filed dispute

Hello, I write from Miami,U.S.A

I sold a guitar to someone in Brazil for $929.00, I told the buyer that the guitar he wanted was on back order and he agreed to wait as long as needed and we did the transaction OUTSIDE of ebay. A few days before the guitar would arrive I had to go to an emergency trip to Spain, and I had my neighbor ship him the guitar wWhile I was away and they have the receipt/proof of shipping. Since then I withdrew the money and closed my Paypal account since I only used it nice for that transaction. About almost a few weeks after (yesterday) he files a dispute/claim as Item not received. I can’t communicate with paypal since I closed my account.

What can happen? Can paypal take my money even though I don’t have an account?

Posted: April 26, 2013 at 4:32 pm

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One thought on “I closed my paypal account then buyer filed dispute
  1. Mr. B on

    You are lucky that you closed your PayPal account before the dispute was filed. Go ahead and send them proof the item was sent and received and if they refund his money and want it from you, tell them to take a flying leap off a cliff because at that point, they have no way to get money from you. I’m sure your buyer will try and say he never got the item, etc but you know he did. Send them proof and don’t worry about a thing.