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I’m Out $180.00 and Counting

By A.L. Thomas

I started selling a lot of products through eBay a few years back mainly firearm accessories/police supplies.  I was approached by a gentleman through an email asking to buy some firearm magazines directly through me. He wanted to buy a large supply of them.  I sold him about $90 worth of these magazines. He sent me the payment through Paypal. He didn’t request delivery confirmation or insurance so I shipped him the merchandise. 

A few weeks later he emailed me saying that he never recieved them.  I told him that he didn’t request insurance/delivery confirmation.  However, trying to be good businessman I decided that I would send him another shipment (at my loss) which I did (this time with confirmation).  I never heard from him until 4 months later when I recieved a letter from a collection agency. Apparently the guy emailed Paypal saying that he never recieved the merchandise.  Paypal refunded this guy the money and billed my account. Since my account had a balance of $0 it made it like $-90.  They turned it over to a collection agency. 

I demanded the collection agency prove that I owed this money, but warned if they put negative information on credit report I would sue them under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  So far they haven’t put anything on my credit report, but they are still trying to prove I owe this money.  Paypal will NEVER see a single CENT of this money!  Not only was I out $180 worth of merchandise but Paypal wants $90 bucks from ME!

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 7:08 am

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One thought on “I’m Out $180.00 and Counting
  1. Michelle on

    They are after me for a similar situation; I shipped a brand new designer bag to the buyer (for $80), who immediately reported the sale as “awesome.” A MONTH later, they reported that the bag was damaged & were granted a refund. I got the bag back in the mail, utterly destroyed by the buyer’s use. I refuse to pay for someone else’s “rental,” & destruction, basically of my bag… for which they received a refund. eBay can pay their refund, but they won’t get a cent from me.