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Common misconception is that the buyer always wins

Paypal are an absolute disgrace. The common misconception is that the buyer always wins, no matter what, but as a buyer, I can say that it not the truth at all.

I have had 2 cases go against me recently, both should have been decided in y favor.

First was a Chinese seller who provided paypal with ‘proof’ of delivery by sending a copy and paste off the China Post website showing status as delivered with my alleged tracking number on the top.

Unfortunately, when I entered the tracking number in my browser in Aus and China post, it came up as invalid. Screen captures of this and 2 links were provided to paypal in my dispute, however I lost. $190 gone. Paypal won’t re open the case as the seller provided adequate proof of delivery, despite me not even being home on the day the item was allegedly delivered and me not signing any paperwork.

The second item was $266 and a deliberate attempt at fraud. The item sent was part of a kit, yet a whole kit was advertised. The item wouldn’t do what was stipulated in the auction and the item was faulty,

I obtained a statement from a reseller of this product who stated exactly all these things yet paypal closed the dispute in the sellers favor. The reason? Originally I stated it was missing parts, and then said it was faulty, once the item had been tested on their say so. I didn’t say it was faulty from the start.

I was unable to test the item as all parts weren’t included.

So I have a faulty item, which won’t work, which is unable to do the specific things stated in the description, and is an entirely different item to the one advertised by the seller, yet he wins.

There are 2 problems other paypal. Firstly, they’re unaccountable. You deal with a different sales rep with a generic name on each call, so you have no way to trace the calls to any one member and because you could be taking to someone in any number of countries, it is almost impossible to prove you called if the rep doesn’t take notes. Don’t even bother emailing.

Secondly, they have to be experts in every area, every product sold or distributed by the clients they serve. The item I purchased was a high end car tuning part. I have 20 years experience in car tuning and performance applications, yet they have more knowledge than I do, and are happy to close a dispute in the sellers favor, despite me having overwhelming evidence.

Posted: November 8, 2012 at 4:08 pm

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One thought on “Common misconception is that the buyer always wins
  1. Didric on

    I have lost as a buyer and I have lost as a seller. Only paypal wins. Takes out money and says we are not covered by their protection. If sellers arent covered by seller protection and buyers arent covered by buyer protection that only leaves paypal covered. I hate paypal and have lost hundreds of dollars with them.