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Complaint of Suspicion

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Just last night I tried to log on to my Ebay and paypal account because I sold 15 Ipods in 3 days as they were cheaper and the buyers all paid me with Paypal. There were a total of more than £2000 in the paypal account which i was transfering over the last 2 days to my account. All on a sudden i realized the money was not transfered but was on hold. What has happened? The reason given was some buyer complained about suspicious activity!! and I thought what the hell is that!!!!

Then i tried to contact paypal. They gave me a pin number so that as they ring me back on a landline I can answer with it. What I received?! A machine. and when I tried to put the pin number it couldnt be recognized by the machine and I couldnt follow the process. Now they have sent me a email saying it may take 5-7 days to receive a letter from them which I will have to process through their website and by this time my buyers have all started to panic because the Ebay account was FROZEN!

Now I am sitting here refunding money. And the IPods? Well they are sitting in our office waiting for someone to buy them. We tried to sell the ipods a bit sooner and thats why put the price down from other sellers. That way we recieved enormous response. Now thats gone, So is our money!!! and paypal is having the fruit of it. What a JOKE! does anyone know any other way to make transactoins online? We need to get those Ipods back to our customers who paid for them and I hope they will buy them from us after what has happened.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 7:13 am

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One thought on “Complaint of Suspicion
  1. Yardley Smith on

    That sounds like a hot mess. I stopped dealing with paypal when I ran into a debit card fiasco. The daily spending limit is supposed to be $3k, I went to withdrawal money from the ATM and it didnt allow me, it said my daily limit had been reached. I bought a pack of gum and candy bar from the gas station so there is no way in hell that was $3k. I turned around looking for support and couldnt find one soul to help. Anywho… in your case I would build a simple website and adverstise the hell out of it to try and sell your ipods. Good luck.