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Complaint With PayPal

By Patti McMann

 I filed a complaint with PayPal on 02/01/05 about the following issue. The end result is that they closed the complaint and decided that I still owe them the $83.00 that they paid to the seller for a transaction that I e-mailed them three times to cancel. The just took it upon themselves to ignore my e-mail and paid the seller out of their funds. They have never once consulted with me about anything, or tried to resolve this issue that they created.

I am disputing the negative balance in my PayPal Account. On 01/25/05 I received e-mail from eBay stating that the seller that I won an item from had been suspended. I tried to cancel the transaction through PayPal but could not because the transaction showed as “completed.” I put a stop payment order on my payment to the seller through my bank. On 01/26/05 I received e-mail from PayPal telling me to fund my bank account, re-attempt to pay seller $83.00 will be done in three days. I e-mailed back, explaining about the e-mail from e-Bay, seller is suspended, and that the e-mail from eBay said that eBay discourages me from completing the sale.  I received a reply from a Linda at PayPal on 01/29/05 that didn’t even address the issue so I replied back on 01/29/05 stating, DO NOT RE-ATTEMPT TO DEBIT MY BANK ACCOUNT, PAYMENT TO SELLER HAS BEEN STOPPED and the reason why payment was stopped. I later found out that “Linda” is a machine, artificial intelligence used by PayPal to answer customer e-mail.

I did not receive a reply back from PayPal so I assumed that this matter had been taken care of, and then I receive an e-mail from PayPal stating that payment has been made to the seller from PayPal and I now have a negative balance of $83.00 in my PayPal account. On 02/01/05 I spoke with Igor on the phone, an agent for PayPal, and he consulted with someone who told him that I needed to submit a complaint so that this issue can be straightened out. I still have the e-mail from eBay, my e-mail to the seller, and all of the e-mail from PayPal showing exactly what happened. I had notified the seller on 01/26/04 that I did not want to go through with the transaction. On 02/14/05, I received a certified letter from the seller with a tiny scrap of paper in it stating that my order was on its way. The seller provided the tracking number of this certified letter to PayPal as a shipped product when in reality, no product has been shipped or received.

On 03/01/05, I received an automated e-mail from PayPal stating that since the seller provided a tracking number to them, the product has been shipped and my complaint has been closed and that PayPal cannot reverse the $83.00. I tried to file a new complaint to let them know that the “shipped product” was actually a certified letter from the seller but their complaint process in very limited and very much a one-way process so I was not able to add any new information.

On 03/03/05 PayPal again tried to debit my bank account for $83.00 and failed since I keep only $5.00 in that account but it did cost me $20.00 NSF fee because the stop payment order on ACH debits is good for one month according to my bank. PayPal has also tried to debit the credit card that I have on file for the $83.00 but since it is a “Pay as you go” card, there is nothing on it for them to get. I am to the point now of closing my bank account, closing my PayPal account and have lost faith in companies like PayPal.

In my opinion, PayPal is actually PisPal, they do not care who they step on or what trauma they cause to their customers.

I even faxed the whole complaint to PayPal with supporting documents and they have totally ignored me.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 12:48 pm

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