This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Item Not As Described

I purchased a red puffer feather down jacket, women extra large on Feb 15th 2014. Despite the tag inside the SERGIO VALENTE Jacket I purchased marked extra large. I could not put my arm through the jacket, consequently the jacket … Continue reading

Nothing but problems after canceling a payment

My account was PREVIOUSLY VERIFIED. NONE of the information has changed. The problem began after I cancelled a payment made by paypal that should have been through bill me later. The order was for an expensive generator for several hundred … Continue reading

Funds held with no real reason given

After being an eBay user buyer/seller since 2009 I have never had funds held until now. In the last month every bit of my funds were held on every sale I made. Customer Service gave many reasons why but when … Continue reading

Buyer dismantled product and then requested refund

Through no fault of my own, my item has been irreparably damaged by the buyer, leaving me with significant liquidated damages. The buyer, by his own admission, dismantled the vintage microphone after he received it, to inspect it internally. He … Continue reading

Paypal is threatening me with 180 day hold

I recently started doing business accepting PayPal as payment, because it was apparently easier for them. After just 3 payments were sent by a customer, coming to $520.00, they froze my account. I then got a message when ever I … Continue reading

Interest made while your money is delayed

I spoke to a PayPal employee today on the phone and they told me that the reason that it takes so long to transfer fund to and from a bank account is because it has to go threw the federal … Continue reading

I am so over Paypal and their dysfunction

I logged into my PP account and I got the following message: May 2, 2013: It’s been a little while since you used your account. So, we just want to make sure that you authorized some recent transactions. Great. I … Continue reading

First Item was not received then not as described. Which one is it??

Paypal hold my money because my buyer asked me to refund half the money because she opened the game and find that there is no memory inside which is not true. My buyer started sending to me messages saying that … Continue reading

How can I sue PayPal?

I did all by the book and sent an item to the address as per buyer’s request. PayPal approved my transaction and authorized for the item to be shipped. The scam was the actual CC transaction and once the item … Continue reading

Paypal pays themselves before they pay me

Have a corrective action that helps customers out of a costly situation, that they may have gotten them selfs into like mine.That would be a start to earn my trust.Heres what happen…. I was told by the two service reps … Continue reading