This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Unable to process payments, PayPal unable to figure out problem

My account suddenly stopped processing credit card transactions. They all come back as DENIED by my CC companies, but all my CC’s are in good standing and the companies (Amex, Chase, etc.) are not even receiving the transactions so they … Continue reading

Refunds withheld by PayPal

It is almost impossible to make a formal complaint to Paypal, they make it confusing and time consuming. Paypal take money immediately from my account but have a long term habit of witholding refunds for many days. As already stated … Continue reading

My letter to paypal, long shot hoping for some help

My letter to paypal: Paypal Issue Mass Email I am at my wits end with your company and your employees whom either are rude to me, talk down to me or ask for personal information ( social security number etc) … Continue reading

Tried to get help from Paypal on Twitter (Ask Paypal)

By May 2014 I changed and verified my credit/debit card in PayPal account. Before I had no problems with paying by PayPal. By June 2014 I had to buy several items from eBay. There is problem began — I could … Continue reading

PayPal Customer service incredible rude

I called PayPal because they had taken money out of my account without my knowledge. The person I spoke to was so rude she made me sick to me stomach. She even cut my call and forwarded it to ebay … Continue reading

About a member of the PayPal staff

This incident happened at 3’0 clock to 25 past 3. This male paypal staff member was being slightly funny with me in a fedup way so then I went mad back at the staff because this question that this staff … Continue reading

Item Not As Described

I purchased a red puffer feather down jacket, women extra large on Feb 15th 2014. Despite the tag inside the SERGIO VALENTE Jacket I purchased marked extra large. I could not put my arm through the jacket, consequently the jacket … Continue reading

Nothing but problems after canceling a payment

My account was PREVIOUSLY VERIFIED. NONE of the information has changed. The problem began after I cancelled a payment made by paypal that should have been through bill me later. The order was for an expensive generator for several hundred … Continue reading

Funds held with no real reason given

After being an eBay user buyer/seller since 2009 I have never had funds held until now. In the last month every bit of my funds were held on every sale I made. Customer Service gave many reasons why but when … Continue reading

Buyer dismantled product and then requested refund

Through no fault of my own, my item has been irreparably damaged by the buyer, leaving me with significant liquidated damages. The buyer, by his own admission, dismantled the vintage microphone after he received it, to inspect it internally. He … Continue reading