This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Through PayPal Direct

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous My account was frozen of for no apparent real reason LAMEST REASON : Weird behaviours by buyers…. I dont understand how wierd it is for my regular customers to buy from me direct and pay … Continue reading

Business With Liars

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous I am not a lawyer nor do I advise people what to do or what the law is. However, my First Amendment rights are still intact enough that I can relate to others my own … Continue reading

Class Action Lawsuit

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous I was sent an email a while back and was told that if my account was signed up on or before a certain date, which I did signed up before that date mentioned that I … Continue reading

Beware UK PayPal-ers

By Matt Not really a major problem, but still a problem all the same. Paid £500GBP for a pc on eBay, the money was withdrawn from the bank as it wasnt in the pp account.As soon as i sent the … Continue reading

Didn’t Order This Stuff

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous ( sent me and email saying, Dear customer, this email confirms that you have paid sexito( 274.45 USD using pay pal. This credit card transaction will appear on my bill as pay pal I … Continue reading

PayPal Is So Crooked

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous And Zap it was gone… I bought and paid for 12 items on ebay. My bank account statement came and low and behold there was a total of $300.86 instant transfer from paypal to who … Continue reading

Nonexisting Account

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous I received an email notifying me of a problem with “my account”, case #PP-071-362-996. I do not have an account with PayPal. I have never had an account with PayPal. This is of great concern … Continue reading

Suspended Forever

By Gina  My priviliges at PayPal have been forever suspended…My son bid on and won an item listed on EBay…EBAY sent us an email notifying us that they shut down the auction, and closed the down the seller…. I notified … Continue reading

This Will Shock You

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous I also hold an account with Paypal. I only use it to purchase item on ebay and never sell. I came across your site today and found it shocking and informative. I WILL close my … Continue reading

PayPal Spawn Of Satan

By James Paypal the spawn of Satan himself, I made a sale on ebay all went through fine for a $250 Cisco IP Phone, there was no problem and I shipped the item out. The money was removed from my … Continue reading